Bristol Pet Boarding Title

The 'Premier Inn' of Boarding Facilities

Guinea Pig Image Bristol Pet Boarding offers you affordable holiday boarding as you know but does that mean cheap hutches, poor facilities, cramped conditions? Of course it doesn't. It means that we give you quality and value without charging you the Earth for it. We are all too aware that there are places who charge nearly as much to look after your animals as you're spending on your holiday. We give your animals clean, disinfected, appropriately sized hutches and only charge what we feel is right given our time. This means you don't have to rob a bank.

Our own animals have stayed in some of these hutches and spent time in the runs so you know that we really are treating your pets as though they are our own whilst they are staying with us.

Where Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Stay and Play

We have had a bespoke fully insulated boarding facility made to house all of our visitors. This facility is well ventilated, light and stays at a nice constant temperature so all of our guests are able to relax and enjoy their stay. The following photos show the outside of our boarding house, a variety of shots of our large garden and a selection of our runs set out to also create a pen for tortoises.

Inside The "Shed"

All of our hutches are custom made for us and range in sizes from 3ft up to 7ft inside and we also have 2 8ft hutches with extra height just outside in a sheltered position. We have the largest selection of hutches in Bristol.

Where Will Hamsters, Rats etc Stay?

Due to our boarding facility being fully insulated and keeps a constact temperature, much like our house, then the majority of hamsters, rats etc stay in there. When we are very busy then some may stay in our annexe in the house. Either way, they will get the attention they need and keep warm and happy.

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A Few Visitors

Over the many years that we have been looking after people's pets we have had many little characters stay with us. Here are a few of our regular visitors looking very cute and inquisitive during their stay with us. We'll look to add a few more visitors to the gallery this year.

Where Are We?

We are located in the North of Bristol in Little Stoke. Being located here means we are easily accessible from the A38 near to Rolls Royce and Royal Mail, therefore only minutes from the M4/M5 Almondsbury Junction or alternatively from Abbeywood and the M32. For those less familiar with the area, we are approximately 5 minutes from Cribbs Causeway Shopping Mall.