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Information and Prices

Rabbit ImageIf you are going away on holiday you will probably need someone to look after your pets. If your pets are of the small animal variety, not dogs and cats, then we have the experience, knowledge, facilities and time to look after them whilst you are away. We also know that you don't want to be charged the Earth for your pets holiday as well as your own but do want them to enjoy their time away just as much as you will enjoy yours. We offer affordable boarding but with expert care. The 10 points below should give you the peace of mind you need to know your pets will be well looked after.

10 Reasons To Board With Us

  • 1. Top Quality hutches in sizes from 3ft to 8ft.
  • 2. Friendly, Caring &  Highly Experienced.
  • 3. Large sunny garden with runs for playtime.
  • 4. DEFRA recommended disinfectant used.
  • 5. Secure purpose built Accommodation.
  • 6. Someone always on site overnight.
  • 7. Boarding from 1 day to several months.
  • 8. Animals wellbeing is our first priority.
  • 9. Customers returning for many years.
10: We are the Best Value holiday boarding in Bristol and Surrounding Areas.

Guinea Pig and Rabbit Boarding Prices

Guinea Pig Image The following table details the prices for boarding guinea pigs and rabbits with us. We have daily and weekly prices guaranteeing that we are the best value boarding in the area. Should you have 3 or 4 sharing then we only add on a small additional charge per animal per day unlike many other boarding places. If you are interested then please use our Boarding Quotation form to get a quote for the dates you're away.

Daily Price Weekly Price 3rd Animal 4+
Single Guinea Pig £3.00 £15.00 N/A N/A
Pair Guinea Pigs * £4.00 £20.00 £1** 50p**
Single Rabbit £4.00 £20.00 N/A N/A
Pair Rabbits * £5.00 £25.00 £1 N/A

* All prices for pairs are for single hutch accommodation.
** For 3rd/4+ animals, costs are per extra animal per night in addition to pairs cost.

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Other Small Animal Boarding Prices

Other small animals such as hamsters, rats, pygmy hedgehogs etc need to be supplied with their own cages as they are kept in our house during their stay with us. The following are our current prices and we charge per cage and not for each animal. As with the guinea pigs and rabbits, we also have daily and weekly prices so we know we are the best value in Bristol.

Daily Price Weekly Price
Hamsters/Gerbils* £2.50 £12.50
Rats/Degus/Chinchillas* £3.00 £15.00
Tortoises £3.00 £15.00
African Pygmy Hedgehogs* £3.50 £17.50

* Prices are per cage and not per animal.


Since 2014 we've seen an increasing number of people enquiring about whether we look after Ferrets. Due to this we have now included a Tariff table so that you can see at a glance how much we charge. Ferrets will stay in one of our large hutches, preferably outdoors though we are able to house indoors if required.

Daily Price Weekly Price 3rd Animal 4+
Single Ferret £3.50 £17.50 N/A N/A
Pair Ferrets * £5.00 £25.00 £1** 50p**

* All prices for pairs are for single hutch accommodation.
** For 3/4+ animals, costs are per extra animal in addition to pairs cost.


The following can be carried out while your animals board with us or even on a While You Wait basis.

Please inform us that you want one of these services when you book with us. If you use the Quotation and Booking Form please inform us in the Requirements section. The Quotation form doesn't currently add the cost of these services on so please factor in these extra costs seperately. Many thanks.

Guinea Pigs Rabbits
Claw Cut: £1.50 £4.00
Haircut with Groom £5.00 £7.00
Mite Treatment £1.50 N/A

Why Not Visit Us?

Rabbit Image We have been offering small animal boarding since 2009 and since then we have built up a fantastic reputation and a lot of regular clients. Would you like to find out why people keep coming back to us? If you would then you are more than welcome to come and meet us and take a look at our facilities as well. No matter where you leave your beloved pets, feeling confident that the people who are going to look after them are knowledgeable and caring is essential. We are confident you won't get more knowledgeable and caring hospitality for your beloved pets and at a price that suits everyones finances.